Emergency Early Dismissal and School Closures

When fog or snow conditions limit visibility, buses will not operate until it is safe to do so. You are encouraged to listen to Auburn’s KAHI - AM 950, KHYL 101 FM, KFBK 1530 – AM, KCCL 101.9 FM on your radio dial for announcements regarding when buses will not be in service. As soon as the decision has been made to alter the schedule, the station will announce the change. Please do not call the stations! Channel 3, 10 or 13 news on television will also announce school closures due to weather conditions.

When a change occurs during the school day, due to weather, utilities failing or other emergencies, the school will make every effort to ensure that your child arrives home safely.

It is very important to: (1) keep the school advised of changes in babysitting arrangements; (2) keep your child’s emergency card up-dated; (3) discuss with your child a procedure for handling schedule changes (fill out the Individual Student Safety Plan form available in the office).

Emergency Cards

These are very important. The names and phone numbers on this card are all we have when an emergency arises. We will not release your child without written or verbal permission to anyone whose name does not appear on your child’s emergency card. These cards will be sent home several
times during the year to provide a chance for families to update emergency information.

Please return this card to school when your child brings it home. Please keep your child’s emergency cards up-to-date by notifying us of any information changes including telephone numbers and emergency contact people.